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How We Can Work Together

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Training & Facilitation

I can develop and facilitate interactive learning experiences for individuals and groups.  My training takes a practical approach to support immediate application of skills, tools, and perspectives. I also incorporate my understanding of the dynamics of race, power, privilege, gender and class, and their impacts on our work. If you need a facilitator for an upcoming meeting or retreat, I can support your efforts to create an engaging and productive experience through design and facilitation support.  

Areas of work: 

  • People management and supervision

  • Nonprofit boards

  • Project management in the nonprofit setting

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Instructional and training design​​

  • Training for trainers (training facilitation skills)

  • Coaching and communications for managers

  • Staff and board retreats for team building, visioning, strategy formation

  • Team developments training and retreats

  • Peer coaching and peer learning groups

  • Staff and executive transitions and restructuring

Coaching for Individuals & Teams

As a certified leadership coach, I will support you in your efforts to articulate your vision, identify your needs and core values, bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment, and set goals you feel passionate about to create a plan for your own development. My coaching provides a structure to continuously reflect upon and integrate learning into your program, and apply this learning to directly facilitate action. Through a coaching partnership, you can build capacity, expand possibilities and achieve greater fulfillment and success while staying on track with your objectives.

For the many teams I work with, the focus of our work together is on strengthening alignment to a common purpose while learning how to work effectively with one another. Some common issues we address are: creating clear team and individual accountability, working on team communication, and addressing team and organizational dynamics including power and privilege. 

Read more about my coaching approach here.


Let's discuss what you're hoping to achieve so that we can work together on designing an engagement that leverages my strengths and experiences.  Using my network of other consultants, I can create powerful partnerships to support your needs, or even refer you to other consultants who might be a good fit for your program. Some examples of consulting engagement include:

  • Performance management  and staffing

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Board development

  • Executive transitions

  • Project management

  • Strategy formation

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